The land between life and death is guarded by a dog says one artist. Wanting to know all that there is on shadow dogs she, the artist, really went to great lengths, looking at black and white paintings to help her. This artist who holds a fine arts degree from a university in New Mexico has shared her work around the country. Not to mention her various awards in fabrics, photography and printmaking. For more information on paintings check out dog portrait.

As she was working with dogs she decided to move into frogs. Her work is about 10 feet high and made of steel. In line with that she baptized her work as a young girl’s fascination with frogs.

She also studied about the non rational states of consciousness. One can see the definite link to shamanistic beliefs in her work and how she included that capability of a man and animal to work together by combining forms. The inclusion of the olden survival tactics is really important for the continuation of our existence. Cooperation with other life forms has now become a basic need according to this artist.

The monoprints of dogs she has created boasts of collaboration. Part of the long list of achievements she also works at a local humane society and for the local news. The stray dogs that need homes she has given about four of them. Thank you for reading about pet portraits and paintings.

They are the main stars of her monoprints. She is then driven to work faster and all at once. In this case it is important to work double time. It is here work will be physically straining.

The initial figure might always change compared to the outcome. The way she makes her portraits of her dogs are more out there.

Her work never fails to capture a moment in a dog’s life that is either humorous or absurd. Her pictures would always be along the lines of yawning, sleeping in the grass, portrayed with their heads lost in a culvert or a can of kibble.

It is also important to get your titles right. There is really no need to know that full story to find it humorous. Some owners would also ask her to do dog portraits for them. In their business, you can find her working with her husband.