English drawing rooms have been home to the portraits of favored canine pals for years. But lately, it seems as if pedigreed pet paintings can be easily found through New York living room walls while the real ones get to stroll on Central Park walkways. The English style interiors are increasingly becoming popular while people have always loved their pet dogs or simply man’s best friend and this has paved way to the rise of demand for dog paintings, no matter what kind of dogs are pictured, from beribboned ones or ones with leather, to ones at a restful state or seriously at play. Thank you for reading about painted pet portraits and paintings.

Englishmen are known to love their pet dogs immensely, even awarding these dogs a place in their hearts, as well as in family portraits. Pictures described as hunting, shooting and racing canine portraits always sell since 1961, when the auction house started the sale of these. Record price sale was achieved by the prolific artist after he sold the portrait of a black and white dog known as a Newfoundland, to a man who was a sporting artist.

We get to experienced being brought back to another era as we immerse ourselves in 18th and 19th century portraits. The sort of people who are buying them like to be associated with things that are not within their social range, like hunting and shooting with jackets and hounds and horses. An interior designer and antiques dealer, in fact, opened a tiny shop in Manhattan for she strongly believes that there are so many people now who are dog portrait enthusiasts. And in this shop, dog paintings along with a few ones of cows and horses were hung on the blue and white lined walls neatly.

When it comes to art collectors, expect two kinds. The first type on the list are people who want to get their hands on the painting as it is like the breed of what they have. The second falls under those who are very passionate about how the breed looks like and scrutinizes if the picture of the dog’s anatomy is as accurate as it should be. There are times when these paintings can be substitutes for the real ones. When it comes to these dogs, you won’t have to feed or walk them out. An interior designer recalls how he thought that he was being nonsensical when he purchased in London his first two dog portraits and now he has seen this trend becoming an extremely expensive and in demand thing. If you like this article on paintings visit oil painting portraits for more education.

The decorator possesses around 75 dog paintings today and he proudly hangs some of them in his apartment in Manhattan from taffeta ribbons. Dealers and art specialists emphasize that the painting’s quality along with the name of the artist set the price, but then many would still aver that some kinds of dogs are simply more in demand than some other types as in the changes of fashions in real dogs. Many dog art collectors only wanted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel paintings then but now, West Highland Terriers, Scotties and Cairn paintings are also being very sought after. Through a painting, you can be with a German shepherd forever.

A dealer who sells dog portraits from his small one bedroom apartment in Manhattan shared that the heyday of dog paintings were from the years 1850 to 1920. People looking for pictures of Chinese shar peis, King Charles spaniels as well as terriers kept knocking at his doorstep. But he was able to encounter, just in the last year, about 10 requests for doberman pinscher portraits. No good Doberman painting has ever fallen into my hands and I guess this is due to the fact that this breed has only been developed in the late 1880s and they are a very recent breed.

Paintings with sporting themes are held by this artist as much as he can. Some of the people that participate in such auctions are those who reside in country homes, into hunting and racing and then there are the ones that pull of a look inspired by a famous designer of fashion labels and materials. A lady whose profession revolved around a major TV network as an advertising account executive decided to get a Spaniel painting once she saw a mesmerizing dog photo in black and white tones. While waiting for the painting to arrive from England, she bought a real ruby spaniel to match. Three months after, the portrait arrived at her doorstep, and it was of a black and tan King Charles but nevertheless she kept it even if it did not match her real pet.